Thermal cutting

Thermal cutting

Before thermal cutting begins, machine table is prepared, cutting heads are checked, wasted and damaged units are renewed, cutting modes are set and tested on special pieces. Each blank is put on the table by means of electromagnetic loader.

Plates are cut with plasma cutting machines, which use gaseous oxygen with purity not less then 99, 5 % and acetylene.

Thermal cutting machine is provided with three gas turable cutters, which, simultaneously with cutting around the contour, allows performing bevelling of edges for welding from both sides of the product.

Machine table dimensions are 3200 x 16000 mm. We have capability to cut steel plate from 3 mm up to 300 mm with tolerance +- 0.1 mm.

Prior to cutting and marking, checking of dimensions is performed by manual measurements with standard steel measuring tape of the 1st class precision on the first three and on the last product of the lot as per cutting chart.

Upon completion of cutting the flat blank from the plate, manual gas cutting of crop ends into pieces - 1 m long - is performed, then these pieces are put into special container according to steel grades. Crop ends can also be cut into pieces automatically when the product is removed from the table.

After cutting and cooling down, the blank is put on the acceptance table, where edges can be ground from burrs.


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