Preheating, shot blasting, automatic priming, drying, marking

Preheating, shot blasting, automatic priming, drying, marking

All these processes are performed automatically on the automatic flow line, under full computer's and operators' control.


Maximum dimensions of material to be shotblasted:
Length - 24,000 mm
Width - 4,000 mm
Height - 500 mm
Thickness range of material to be shotblasted: 3mm - 500mm.

We can provide surface preparation according to ISO 8501 and painting according to ISO 12944 or customer specific requirements.

Operators visually control the processes and make corrections, if necessary.

Marking is applied with quick-drying paint, which becomes dry on stil warm plate before it comes off the line roller table. Paint preparation, dust removal from containers and other jobs are performed mechanically.

Periodic interoperation control, which is carried out visually by operators using computer system, includes checking of shot-blasting quality and roughness, prime thickness, and is obligatory provided for each plate. Upon completion of indicated operations plates are delivered to set making storage area for thermal cutting.


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