Plate flanges

Plate flanges

Plate Flanges

Windster Ltd. combines knowledge, experience, ingenuity and cutting edge technology to insure your receipt of a top quality product at a competitive price. You will have the ease of mind that your product is being processed at one of the largest and most advanced stainless plate processing facilities in Ukraine.

Windster Ltd. is one of the largest suppliers of steel flat face plate flanges. Our up-to-date manufacturing facility offers Plate Flanges produced to your exact specifications completely manufactured in Ukraine. Your options include but are not limited to, machined all over, raised face, OD – ID bevel or radius, counter bore, drilled and tapped. 

Our machining facilities include a number of high-precision CNC lathes and machining centers.


Compared to cast steel products, hot rolled steel plate has a superior grain structure and is virtually free of non-metallic inclusions. While chemically identical, plate products offer enhanced mechanical properties(superior grain structure) which give them increased durability. Comparing favorably to the properties of forged products in low pressure applications, plate flanges are less expensive to produce in small lots. They offer a predictable service life and fewer field repairs to enhance the safety and reliability of your finished product.

State-of-the-art production facilities allow us to ship your plate flange requirements in record time.

Customize flanges to your exact requirements with machining details including, raised face, bevel, o-ring groove or gasket surfaces.


Fast delivery on flange products is the rule rather than the exception. For tight delivery requirements, consider our truck delivery options within Europe.


Plate flanges are a widely accepted and cost effective alternative to forged or cast flanges in low pressure applications
Custom, permanent marking of plate flanges is also available at no additional cost. Original mill certifications are available to simplify your compliance and traceability requirements.

We provide flanges to meet International, military and other specifications to meet your needs.

Plate Flanges

  • Blind
  • Slip-on
  • Reducing
  • Threaded
  • Socket weld
  • Lap joint
  • Angle face
  • Studding outlet

Specialty Machining

  • Raised face
  • Gasket surface
  • Counter bore
  • Radius
  • Chamfer
  • O-ring groove
  • Tapping
  • Thread milling

Customize flanges to your exact needs with our extensive machining services. Machining details such as raised face, gasket surface, counter bore, radius, chamfer or o-ring groove or non-standard drilling are no problem.

At our facility we manufacture pipe flanges to meet our customer specifications. Please provide us with the description of your flange by filling out the Quote Form.
Give us your engineering drawings and we will get you the flange!


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