Oxy Propane and Plasma cutting

Custom oxy flame and plasma cut products

Oxy Propane and Plasma Cut Steel Plate Products

Windster's "state of the art" plasma cutting systems not only cut through 300 mm steel plate, but utilize the best hardware along with proprietary programming for a smoother edge condition with tighter tolerances.

We offer close tolerance, limited bevel and taper plasma cutting which saves finish machine time and wear on machine tooling.

Custom shapes are constructed and programmed by our drafting team. Drawings are required in order to produce custom shapes.



Our "state of the art" plasma facility handles your one piece construction requirements from 4" square up to 120" x 600" in steel plate up to 300 mm thick.
We also offer high definition plasma cutting in stock grades up to 2" thick.

Superior bevel control and cut squareness assure minimal stock removal in blanking applications and less preparation time in direct use applications. Top rounding and bottom flare are virtually eliminated. Dross is removed prior to shipping.

Strict quality control delivers repeatability even in lighter gauge materials. Adaptive entry and exit points guarantee minimal dimensional distortion.



Superior bevel control and squareness along with dimensional accuracy and repeatability ensure there are no surprises when you integrate these parts into your finished assembly. Many of our customers have found that they can eliminate supplimental machining operations completely and use our plasma cut products as shipped.

The plasma process produces a heat affected zone (HAZ). Special care is taken to control this effect to minimize the overall time spent during finish machining operations.


Standard shapes are processed quickly without the need for prints or engineering drawings. Enhanced CNC programability gives you the option to precicely control the finished product for special or demanding applications.
Submit your drawings by mail, fax or directly from your CAD system by email for fastest service.


Sometimes, even our standard deliveries are not quite enough to meet your deadlines. When you have critical requirements, ask about our priority "just in time" delivery option.

For our European Customers we offer quick and prompt deliveries by trucks.





Strict tolerance control and clean edges reduce your labor costs during fit-up and welding operations. Also, original mill certifications are available to help with your compliance requirements.

Use our priority delivery service to help meet those tight contract deadlines.

OEM End Users

In blanking applications, ask about our machined or machined all over products to eliminate the heat affected zone associated with all plasma cut products. Your finish machining operations are completed in less time with less wear and tear on your precision machining centers.

Near net shape plasma cutting assures minimal stock removal in finish operations for more complex applications.

If you outsource to a finish machine shop, we can also ship blanks directly to their facility to reduce lead time and freight costs.

Ask about our finish machined products. In many cases we can supply products to your finished dimensions. One source buying reduces your lead time and elminiates additional freight costs and overhead associated with outsourcing to a finish machine shop.

Material test certificates or certificates of conformity can be supplied with each order if requested.

We are confident we can provide you with an excellent service and welcome the opportunity of submitting a quotation against your requirements.


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