Wind Turbine Tower Manufacturing

Flat blanks manufactured by Windster Ltd. are widely used in production of wind turbine towers around the world. Our flat blanks are made from HR steel plates. The manufacturing process is performed with up-to-date highly advanced equipment.

Oxy Propane and Plasma Cutting

Our new high definition plasma profiling system has arrived. If you have an intricate product or are concerned about edge condition and tolerances, let us cut your product on our new state of the art high definition plasma system.

Plate Flanges

Windster Ltd. combines knowledge, experience, ingenuity and cutting edge technology to insure your receipt of a top quality product at a competitive price. You will have the ease of mind that your product is being processed at one of the largest and most advanced steel plate processing facilities in Ukraine.

GE5, 2 Michael Road,
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United Kingdom
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