Oxy Propane Profiling

Custom oxy flame profiling service

Oxy Propane Steel Plate Profiling

Oxy-Propane flame cutting machines incorporate the latest
computer software ensuring precision, accuracy and maximum material
utilization from the smallest profiled blank to the largest plate profile.

Our current plasma/oxy-propane cutting capacity of 16000mm
long x 6000mm wide and up to 300mm (0.8 mm minimum) thick ensures
even the most extreme requirements are met. Windster Ltd is expanding and 3 oxy-propane cutters are underway with cutting capacities of 45000mm long x 6000 mm wide per machine.

Other processing includes Grinding, Milling, Drilling, Plate
Stripping, Shot Blasting, Priming & painting and other services as
required. Multi-head cutting provides speed and efficiency for fast turn
around of profiles and flame cut blanks.

All our profiles are inspected to ensure they meet your requirements.
Once blanks have been produced and inspected the delivery
is arranged by our operations department, invariably the next day.
Special requirements such as stamping or marking, pallet-ising, shrinkwrapping etc. can be accommodated. To compliment our profile facility we also offer a range of rolling services. Superior bevel control and squareness along with dimensional accuracy and repeatability ensure there are no surprises when you integrate these parts into your finished assembly. Every process is closely monitored to ensure the highest quality is maintained. ISO 9001 accreditation clearly demonstrates our commitment to quality. Steel plate is cut according to ISO 9013. Many of our customers have found that they can eliminate supplemental machining operations completely and use our products as shipped.

We can cut steel to your exact requirements.As well as rolling
and dished end supply we also offer all work with the options including:
radiography, ultrasonic test, dye pen and M.P.I. also heat treatment operations including (stress relieving, normalising and solution annealing).

Standard shapes are processed quickly without the need for
prints or engineering drawings. Enhanced CNC programmability gives
you the option to precisely control the finished product for special or
demanding applications.

Submit your drawings by mail, fax or directly from your CAD
system by email for fastest service.

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London, SW1W 9TB
United Kingdom
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